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Here Is Just Some of What You'll Learn

How To Thoroughly Assess Every Part of Your Game

It's ok to have a goal of where you want your game to be, but you have to know where you're games at first. 

How Not To Waste Your Practice Time

Most golfers have little idea how to use their valuable time. Learn how to plan for every practice session. 

What Are Your Weakest Most Important Skills

Clearly see what are the crucial areas you need to improve to start shooting lower scores.

Predict & Track Your Improvement Over Time

Setting yourself achievable targets and goals over 3, 6, 9 & 12 month periods.

Golf Course Mapping & Strategy Skills

Tournament preparation skills that are essential before playing in any golf tournament.

The 4 Mental Game Factors For Low Scores

How to stay in the present, be practical, be positive, and become a player.

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"The EGIS system is fantastic from a user perspective. I would recommend EGIS to ANYONE who is serious about improving their scoring average".

Juan Gutierrez

"Most golfers don't know how to get better, this gives them a purpose, a direction and a plan. Thank you for helping us with our game".


"So much of what is online is all about changing the swing to lower scores. All it did was tie me up in knots. EGIS has shown me the way. Thanks!"


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If you're like most golfers, you've probably spent hours online watching YouTube videos, or reading the latest issue of Golf Digest, to get that one magical 'tip' that will get you shooting lower scores.

You've tried them, they have even worked for awhile, but ultimately you find yourself back in exactly the same place you are now! 

Completely frustrated and feeling there is no where to turn. Sound familiar?

Only the very few can Break 70 consistently, and it's not because they swing the club any better than you! It's becasue they know how, why and what to practice. They are not 'winging it'.

If you're tired of searching for answers, you've just found it! The Elite Golfer Improvement System.

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Chip, Pitch, Bunker Assessment Template

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Greenside Trouble Shots Assessment Template

Greenside Trouble Shots Assessment Video

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Approach Wedge Assessment Template

Approach Wedge Assessment Video

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About The Coaches

David Milne and Lawrie Montague are members of the PGA of Australia and have been coaching elite amateur and professional golfers for over 30 years.

Their many accolades include twice being voted Australian PGA Teacher of the Year, 2016 Asia/Pacific Coaches of the Year, Current Indonesian National Team Coaches, and former National Team Coaches of Australia. 

Their players have won State, National and International amateur and professional tournaments worldwide. 

David & Lawrie

Frequently Asked Question's

Let's be honest, most golfers aren't getting better. It's a sad fact that even with today's advanced technology, golfers still write scores that are much higher than they should be.

We developed EGIS to counter the perfect swing model that is prevalent throughout the golf industry today. EGIS provides a highly structured, intence, performance based improvement program unlike any other.

We guarantee you will be shooting consistently lower scores in less time!

Serious golfers who have the dedication and time to practice, and who want to lower their competitive score average.

Yes, many coaches are already using EGIS for their advanced amateur and professional golfers. 

No. EGIS is a one time fee, and you will have liftime use.


This is not another 'swing' focused program, they never work out long term and you will just end up right back where you are now! We guarantee our game changing system will finally get you shooting the scores you always believed, but never could!


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